Eric Gang, ESQ.

Proven Track Record of Representing Veterans & Their Rights

In combat service members rely on their comrades to literally have their back. Adjusting back to life post-service can be daunting, confusing, and disappointing. Many veterans return to find themselves physically and/or mentally injured, jobless, ostracized, and unsupported by the Veterans Administration.

Eric Gang is an award-winning attorney, spending the last 20+ years strategically representing veterans within the VA Claims & Appeals process to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve and are entitled to. Relentlessly fighting for the benefits the veterans deserved, Eric has litigated over 1,000 appeals at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims winning significant awards for his clients. Navigating the federal circuit, he and his team at Veterans Disability Info work to help vets with their VA appeals on disabilities ranging from total disability (TDIU), traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Camp Lejeune, and more.

The Book

Betryal of Valor by Eric Gang

Twenty-year veterans’ advocate and attorney, Eric Gang, exposes the harrowing institutionalized behavior of the Veterans Administration, where bureaucrats falsify numbers for career enhancement and deny legitimate benefit claims in a “deny until they die” landscape, where appalling treatment of veterans has become the norm, and how mistreatment prompts a cascade of shocking, often deadly, life consequences.

A deep dive into the price our veterans pay both during and after service, Betrayal of Valor, highlights alarming details of VA medical negligence, dangerous doctors, and outdated stigmas. While the facts are grim, Gang’s message is anything but. Both shocking and inspiring this compilation of real-life case studies, thoroughly researched data, and true accounts of veterans who have successfully fought a corrupt, outdated system prompts a change in thinking among veterans, decision-makers, and future generations.

In the VA's deny-until-they-die cycle, veterans are left without
the resources to recover with dignity after their service to our country.
We owe our beloved heroes the treatment and care they deserve.


A How-To Guide For Placing Disability Claims Successfully

“This is not ‘light reading’ for an overview of a few Veteran-related claims/compensation issues.
It is an in-depth discussion of the history, systemic causes, and solutions of a broken VA system,
and an invaluable how-to guide for placing disability claims successfully with the VA and successfully
appealing denials. I predict that this book will quickly be recognized as the ‘Bible’ of legal advice in
all areas of post-military-service-related issues.”
- Timothy K. Guthrie, MD Col (Ret) USAF MC

Offers Practice Tips To Veterans

“Having brought nearly a thousand cases before the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims,
the author not only presents readers with a well-documented exposé of VA misconduct but also offers
practice tips to veterans on how to navigate the labyrinthine VA bureaucracy.”
- Kirkus Reviews
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